Tour Guides for Grandpa

Quick Knee Update My physical therapist was working with me in mid-April and said, “was there any damage to your ACL?” I said I wasn’t sure, so I gave her my records. Sure enough, I had my meniscus and ACL repaired. Yikes! The good news is that my knee is feeling really good, and my […]

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Skiing and Surgery

KNEE INJURY To get my news out of the way, I have officially been diagnosed with a “bucket-handle injury of the medial meniscus”. Essentially, I have a longitudinal tear of my medial meniscus that resembles the shape of a bucket. I am not able to completely straighten my leg or bend my knee beyond 90 […]

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A New Addition To The Family

TOYOTA YARIS I have to say, the public transportation in Italy is fantastic. The local buses are clean, efficient and timely. We are a 10 minute walk to the train station, and we are fortunate enough to be within 2 hours of three International airports. (Trieste, Venice and Ljubljana) All of that being said, it’s […]

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Christmas in Trieste and Colorado

Christmas Market Christmas is a magical time of year in many countries, and Italy is no exception. Christmas markets are especially popular in Europe, and every year Trieste puts on it’s very own special Christmas community celebration. At its core, the Christmas market in Trieste is a cultural festival. It’s an opportunity to experience the […]

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Our First Italian Road Trip

IST has the first week off in November. Jessica and I had gone back and forth as to where we should go. Thermal baths in Budapest, hiking in Slovakia, visiting friends in Vienna and a few other options were on the table. However, with Lucy turning 3 on November 2, Jessica mentioned we should make […]

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October in Trieste

Barcolona  Have you ever wondered, where does the largest sailing race in the world take place?  I’m guessing you haven’t, but I am going to tell you anyway.  It happens here in Trieste and it is called the Barcolana.  The event is a week of celebrations both on land and at sea. Annually, it turns […]

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Our First Month of School

I will do a deeper dive on our school experience in a later episode, but we have successfully navigated our first few weeks of school. It hasn’t been without hiccups, of course. On the first day, middle school met on the soccer field to welcome students back and to set expectations for the year. I […]

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The LeRoy Travel Blog is Back

**This post is a bit longer than normal, as it covers our summer and first few weeks in Italy** The LeRoy Goodbye Summer 2021 Tour Starting on May 28, we took off on a 7+ week road trip.  What was originally planned as a summer connecting with friends and family (mainly) in California, ended up […]

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